Sentimental journey

If you are walking down memory lane,

you might as well lace your Chucks with laces made from two of your husband’s Liberty ties from his first suit wearing days.

There was enough of either to make a matching pair but I couldn’t decide which I wanted so this seemed the sensible solution.


Go big or go home

Or stay home. Home isn’t a BAD place for yours IWOM-ly.

Big stitch quilting. It only works if you use big stitches.

Let’s try this again.

Fake quilt

Eight inch hydrangea squares, three inch sash from old sheets and posts from a Thomas Pink shirt. All of it ripped into strips for cutting, no batting.

Due to be the biggest star on the stage of Himself’s latest set for the amateur musical which consumes an inordinate amount of his time.

I’ll remake it into something for charity after the run.

Not what it’s cracked up to be

Machine quilting.

I recognise that it just takes practice and I’ve only done a small lap quilt in basic straight line stitching but I’m feeling quite meh about the technique.

I went with good old reliable tying for Little Bro’s Film at Five quilt.

For the first time ever I used something other than 100 percent cotton for the back. Well, it’s cotton but cotton flannel — for those chilly NM nights.

We are on to Cincinnati.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have many different types of blocks of Liberty fabric from my teaching days at the late 90s Sewing School. Most are samples, but when I finished there I made up a lot of blocks from the cut strips and squares because I knew I’d make a quilt eventually.

The time has come for the four patch with border blocks and some of the unending amount of fabric gleaned from Himself’s donation of his old Thomas Pink French cuff shirts to get together.

The batting/wadding/creamy Oreo filling is an old worn bedpad and the backing a very nice high count cotton super king fitted sheet shrunk to a size which made it difficult to fit into the mattress. I had some spare squares so added a border half the width of the Thomas Pink squares.

(Six inch squares BTW for five and a half finished).

Tying again? Nope. I’m gonna give ‘big stitch quilting’ a try. I have SO much perle cotton in all sorts of colors and I think the large solid squares will especially suit the large stitches.

This is going to be fun!

Maybe, but I doubt it

Finished the top of Little Bro’s quilt just now. It’s to be a surprise but since I’m reasonably certain he doesn’t read my craft blog I feel confident enough to share it this dull grey day.

It’s a ‘Film At Five’ utilising two inch squares and strips cut from my never ending supply of Himself’s worn out Thomas Pink French cuff shirts.

I’m not in the habit of submitting brag posts on other people’s blogs but I might just do that once this quilt gets quilted since the designer asks.

I’m thinking on machine quilting since I’ve not made one like that before and this is just a twin and therefore a good learner.


The Year Of The Quilt.

Well, for the IWOM anyway. I have two others on deck: all those Liberty print squares from my teaching days there deserve better than year after year in a plastic storage tub.

Stay tuned.

We get the job done. 

You need a lightweight dress for three specific occasions on holiday when capris and a nice top just aren’t good enough. (You’ll be in three different sets of company so only one dress needed). 

You’ve got three metres of a lovely plum and light blue print jersey 150cm wide which you picked up in Paris a few years ago. 

You’ve got Simplicity 2580. 

In about three and a half hours you have this:


We get the job done. 

(95% done: you of course let the dress hang overnight before hemming). 

Summer time

You’d think finding a pair of lightweight navy capris wouldn’t be difficult. This task defeated me over the summer months, but I did locate ankle grazing trousers in the color and weight desired. 

With a warm weather trip fast approaching, this was top of the mending – refashioning – alterations pile this weekend. 

I’m kinda tall, so I was left with some decent size scraps once I cut off seven inches to achieve the desired length. Two inch vents were left on the side seams as well to make these easy to walk in as well as comfortable for the road tripping involved at various points over our time away. 

However, the pockets on the trousers are, as with so many women’s garments, not nearly big enough so I pieced the scraps into a thigh side 6SPlus holder. 

Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a pocketbook so if the A list of November garden work gets finished I’ll have time to fuss with a hip bag to keep things even more hands free. 

Planning to (not) fail

One of the IWOM’s 50th Birthday Presents For Other People (since I neither needed nor wanted anything) was meant to be pinned to this homemade frame for the initial appliqué work. 

It was meant to rest on my lovely oak trestles up in the craft room or, on a sunny day, down in the sunroom. After the project was done, the wood lengths would live their second life as further drawer dividers. 

Well, the project technique changed so I don’t need the frame after all. The drawer project is in the middle of the winter house jobs but I’m patting myself on the back this morning for being clever in the first place to chose the wood I did. 

If it’s worth doing it’s worth overdoing

RIP Mythbusters. Got hooked on that our first of two years in Hong Kong when we had but a few English language channels. 

It’s time to start thinking about a vacation wardrobe to cover a variety of climates and temperatures: Florida heat and December NYC who-knows-what bookending three weeks and a dozen flights. 

A lightweight long sleeve chambray staple with a one and a bit inch gash torn in the back got itself over-patched with some denim shaped leftover bits from, oh, something or other. Honestly can’t recall. Most of the bag of shapes went to the Girl Guides earlier this week. I like how it looks washed and dryer- dried, which I wanted to do before thinking about a few beads. Doesn’t seem necessary. 

Moving on!

When will it end?!?

The hydrangea fabric I mean. Auntie B gave me a bolt of it years ago. I use it mostly for mocks and assorted crafts for charity. Recently I made a pile of gift bags for Auntie B’s use. 

The bolt is not getting any smaller. 

I swear. 

Something has to give. 

The latest donations to the Girl Guides have left the building so it was time for a desk tidy up in preparation for winter work. 

(Dad’s denim flag and The Nephew’s quilt and denim fish kept me from going buggy last winter so it’s time to rack up this year’s projects).

The very useful half dozen Ikea files have been relabelled according to their use over the years. I had a think then came up with six categories that pretty much covered everything on my plate at present:

Cheap project to be sure — I had half a can of spray adhesive with nothing better to do so cut a template exactly to size with one inch added for wrapping round the back for a tight fit. 

There was plenty for lining but with the files sitting well above eye level that seemed like overkill. 

Still a little more sorting to do but it will be easier now!