Best laundry day ever

A friend from my days at Liberty in London sent me a parcel of neatly wrapped remnants ranging from 20-35cm (8-12 inches). I’m sending the silk pieces to a (quite frankly very lucky) friend but the cottons stay here with me. A cold/cold wash is all I’ve ever used on Tana so that’s what I used on these lovely lengths before garden work this morning.

No clue what these will become. Perhaps I’ll just leave them on the drying rack in the sunroom for a while.

‘Throw me the rope’.

When I saw The Princess Bride was to be on one of my movie channels after lunch, I knew I’d be switching to handwork.

I gathered up an old bit of shelf, four drawer knobs recycled from a box I’d built to store my slate framed, scraps of batting and a piece of lightweight upholstery fabric. Ten minutes before showtime I popped out to the garage and pulled out my countersunk drill bit and four wood screws.

With Himself having taken over a portion of my craft room ‘temporarily’ with boxes and boxes of his theatre memorabilia collection I can’t have my ironing board out all the time AND be able to move about with ease.

I’m not really left handed.

This will do for my quick craft pressing needs.

Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

Oh happy day!

Just do it — find some place that can use your excess craft supplies and pass them over to ’em! My mate from the Girl Guides will be here shortly. Just going through everything every year is a good plan. This year I’ve included a lot of my storage tins and tubs in the donation bags to remove the temptation to refill them.

Nothing to see here

Finally turning the Fake Quilt made for Himself’s 2018 set — for the amateur musical which steals so much of his time — into a real one:

This ended up nearly unseen at the back of the stage, but a wasted effort on my part it was not. I had to alter the block layout to make it into a single bed size but that was only an hour at most.

It’s a good way to use up a bunch of four ounce pieces of batting too.

I’m thinking it’s a good candidate for big stitch quilting. Not sure of the final destination though. I have a number of folk on my ‘still owe them a graduation quilt’ but they are all guys. The men in my life are not pink and purple hydrangea print and lots of rose pink kinda guys (for which I am very grateful).

Meh. Perhaps it is part of this year’s charity crafting.

Sentimental journey

If you are walking down memory lane,

you might as well lace your Chucks with laces made from two of your husband’s Liberty ties from his first suit wearing days.

There was enough of either to make a matching pair but I couldn’t decide which I wanted so this seemed the sensible solution.