Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

Or something like that. William Morris is SO where it’s at.

2013’s blog —  A Year Without Craft Supplies — wrapped up rather well: I used a lot of my stash, donated oodles to wee girls who have made much use of it and set up 2014 to do the same to my jewellery supply stock.

Well, that didn’t go so well. If you did follow A Year Without Jewellery Supplies, you’ll know that I began well but lost the will. I think it is because one can only make/have so much jewellery. Beautiful stuff? Yes. Useful? Weellll… I guess I am too practical. Made some nice stuff for me, made some for assorted charities I support plus I have a great area in the craft room for doing small and close work now so I do give myself a ‘Pass’ for the year. I just don’t get the ‘A+’ of AYWOCS.

I ALWAYS had somethin’ goin’ on craft-wise in 2013 (usually a bunch of projects on the go at once, as it the habit of so many crafters) so I have set myself a new/old challenge for 2015. Despite using and giving away A LOT of my supplies, I still have enough for a good year of crafting.

I think.

And I think I can do it with the same rules.

I recently started a nail blog, which is a sort of craft, but I think I am happiest with bits of fabric, wire, wood, paint, glass….

Stay tuned: we start on January 1, 2015!

Almost forgot: the current header is of my Nephew’s 10th Birthday quilt, which I completed at the start of 2014 (kept my lap warm in January & February!) for his April birthday. He didn’t want it on his bed according to Little Sis: ‘I can’t see it at night’. Apparently it stays in their back living room and he wraps up in it all the time. THAT’S what you want to hear about one of your crafted gifts!