Despite being in our new build house for a smidge over nine years (though I think of it as seven given that we were away in Asia for two not long after moving in), the craft room/studio is still in a state of flux — especially with the imminent arrival of my cross trainer. It’s gotta go in here. The office is too small, the guest room carpet will get too squished and it certainly isn’t going in the master bedroom! The sunroom? Don’t make me laugh!


I used some of my packing paper to assemble a template of the footprint this thing is going to take up when it is delivered on the 29th. It is NOT going in the centre of the room, but I sorta can’t manage to think about it at the moment. I have four days left to dither.


Despite giving away and using SO much during the First Year I’ve still got lots left, plus now there’s the Rosslyn Chapel project


taking up a good corner of the room too.


Nothing that a few hundred hours of stitching won’t solve! Four pieces of needlework are required for these two Prie-dieu, which were salvaged by acquaintances of my Auntie. Yours truly has had these — plus the wool leftover from a kneeler project in the late 90s — kicking around the house for several years. I’ve finally settled on the designs and stitches and need to get the you-know-what out and commit to several hours of stitching per day. The prie-dieus themselves make perfect stands for my old Royal School of Needlework slate frames, so that’s a plus.


Back to my space dilemma though: I have the feeling that I’ll tackle the larger projects first if only to make more space. Plenty of the tubs can be further consolidated and even stored in the loft. I really enjoyed making my nephew’s tenth birthday quilt (the current blog header) at the start of 2014 so there’s sure to be more quilts made in the upcoming year and that will clear out the fabric stash a great deal.

Got plenty of wood scraps in the garage and lengths of fabric for a folding screen for that cross trainer. They aren’t the nicest looking things and I’d rather not have it looking at me while mumbling ‘You should come work out instead of doing another few hours of background work’.

Then again, if my cross trainer starts speaking to me, we are in all kinds of trouble!