I make no apologies for a somewhat pedestrian first project for Another Year Without Craft Supplies.


There’s fabric leftover from a long recycled corner seat/single guest bed project constructed from our old super king mattress (apologies for the lack of pictures: I really did look!) and cushion forms (some made from washed pillows that got too lumpy to use, others made up quickly from old white muslin and scraps of quilt wadding/batting).

I need more pillows for the living room and sunroom.


Do the math and you’ll see how I am spending today.

Well, this and watching lots of college bowl games with Himself which he taped over the last few days given many are on in the middle of the night for us. I keep popping downstairs to see what’s up with Arizona and Boise State when I get each cushion to this point:


I MUST get away from mucking around every night on my iPad (latest version, a combo Christmas and B-day gift from Himself) in favour of handwork. Better for your brain in the long run I think; besides, those are just virtual pets that need rescuing. I have real craft supplies that need rescuing!