those lights from yesterday’s quick and dirty project originally had star covers? Seems like they might make for something fun at some point.


In my defence, it was quite a busy weekend and it almost overwhelmed me so it’s no wonder I forgot to elaborate in the last post.

Himself, having neglected his fabulous model railway layout for the majority of 2014, had a massive sort-out Sunday after buying a little basket-y trolley when we were at the Big Blue & Yellow Store Of Scandinavian Origin the day before.

Wait. More background needed.

The LOML needs (‘NEEDS’) a new television and I’d agreed to whatever massive size he felt was required IF it was installed on the wall. This necessitated a new unit for underneath, hence the trip to That Store once the electrical goods were ordered and delivery/installation arranged from another store.

The International Couple Of Mystery is pretty darn handy, but hanging this monster on the wall was not something we wanted to tackle on our own.

At the store, after we’d chosen the new media unit, he saw this wee fifties shade of turquoise thingie and decided it was perfect for stashing all the current projects and materials, most used tools, et al for the N-gauge layout. He more or less took over the living room to make sure that was sorted out before the install.


It now sits happily in the closet under the stairs next to his golf clubs. Honestly, the living room was an utter shambles for hours while he noted out what could go to attic storage and what was needed for the coming months. I helped hold trolley bits at the right times during assembly then got roped into some fine handwork, which meant to lantern post yesterday was hastily done.

What does this mean for the IWOM and THIS blog?

Must take a little sideways turnoff on my own projects for a brief interval while at least the wall for the new telly is painted if not the entire living room. This house does not lack for cans of paint due to assorted big projects last year during which lots of stuff was bought for projects such as the master bedroom closet project (the leftovers of which did get completely re-used in the spirit of 2013’s blog) so we’ll see what we can manage to keep to this year’s rules.

If not, Himself will be buying the paint so that I don’t break my own rules.

How’s THAT for getting around things?!? We did talk about repainting the living room last year and I’d already collected assorted booklets of color samples so let’s agree to state we were just a few days late on buying stuff for a 2014 project and leave it at that.