So Himself decided quite late on Tuesday to work at home yesterday.

The Office isn’t really started yet.

(See here).


The computer usually sits on the table in the right of the picture but shifts down to the table on work at home days. The tall round table is set up for lunch. That door leads to the utility room. The majority of the kitchen is at my back. Can you see why this is a very inconvenient place for Himself to work? Washer/dryer/dishwasher are all too loud to run during the times Himself has to be on calls — not a First World Problem by any means as I had the car for running errands then spent more time on the craft room makeover but it made me think the office needs to be at the top of this list with the next closest thing WAY far down the page.

I kept myself out of trouble for part of the day by shortening two shelves from the craft room that will get new use in the guest room closet. It’s been a while since I mucked around with my power tools.


Last summer I started puling out old plants in the strawberry bed and took apart the short fence on which I’d drape netting to keep out the birds and cats. Those bits of wood were in two bundles in the corner of the garage


but not after an hour or so. I’m going to try to garden on the cheap this year as well! No complaints from the house on the amount of noise made from all the nailing.

These are for the two ‘grow bag greenhouses’ that I use for tomato plants. Somewhere in the garage I’m sure there is a two thirds full bucket of green preservative stain but it was too cold to apply, much less find by this point yesterday afternoon.


(That’s a USA size nine boot for scale).

Warmed my hands then got to work on the needlepoint for the Rosslyn Chapel prie dius. The cross trainer in the corner didn’t bother me too much, especially since it’s now mostly hidden away by a big ol’ three part screen Himself got for me last weekend.

Pix to come. A screen to divide the studio into two parts until we decide the final location of the John Lewis JLX is now one less thing for me to make from the giant load of spacers I acquired last summer. Made LOTS of stuff with those!



More of the above project here.