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100mph winds closed the bridge Himself needs to drive across if he’s to get to work.

Greeeeaaatttttt…. Another day working from home for him, another day for the IWOM away from her kitchen. Seriously, two thirds of my work list for today was entirely kitchen based.



Little Sis had an Expedit way back in her NYC living days when she and my now bro-in-law were down in the teens in medical resident housing. I always wanted one but our flat at the time was too tiny.This was one of the first things we acquired when we got the house nine plus years ago. It was in the living room for a bit, then the guest room then landed in the snug. I took out the uprights on the top shelf so we could fit the printer there so technically I started this hack a while ago.


After righting some back garden damage I spent the rest of this morning emptying the Expedit and the snug so we can make the two cuts needed to proceed with the office project. Must dash out to the garage for power tools while Himself is away on an errand on his lunch hour.

I think somebody deserves an afternoon of needlepoint after all this work!