Sheesh. Yucky weather, a husband on a business trip and what keeps me busy in the house since the start of the week?


A whole lot of gruntwork. I marked the cuts needed on the Expedit and took it apart for this weekend’s trip to a workshop owned by a friend of ours: with his big boy power tools we can make neater, straighter cuts on the bits that require it than if we used our own.

(It will be worth the wait, she says repeatedly to herself, especially in light of this weather, which might keep Himself working at home tomorrow).


I painted the living room over a number of days in preparation for Himself’s new television (same spot, but up on the wall) in paint that HE bought so I can stick to my self-imposed rules for The Year. Unfortunately I just wasn’t 100% sure I could cobble together enough grey to do the whole room in the same shade.

‘Cyclone’ looks great behind my cow skull!


The best I could do craft-wise this week is soak a label from a bottle


for a makeshift vase for this tropical plant cutting.


Sigh. Back to my bucket of ‘Cyclone’.