I figured after we made two laser perfect cuts on the sides of the 4×4 Expedit Sunday at a friend’s workshop I’d have the new 2×4 bookcase and desk together in no time flat.


Yeah. About that….

I knew the base and sides of the Expedit were hollow to some extent, but I was hoping there was something that I could screw into on the ‘raw’ edges.


Because of the way I designed my two new pieces of furniture, one side of each piece is fine; however, the other needs a wee bit of help in the form of a slice of MDF. (I’m not sure if I am going to put the wheels on the bookcase or desk, but they are a good weight for holding the MDF in place!).


While that sets I’ll spend the rest of this afternoon on the Chapel prie dieu needlepoint work.


(Not that I need an excuse of any sort to sit and stitch — with my tea out of arm’s reach so I need to get up and stretch my legs. During my year at the Royal School of Needlework we couldn’t even have a capped water bottle in the same room as our frames!). 


Before I wind up for the day/session I reload all empty the size 18 empty needles with five strands of crewel wool so everything is set to go any time the mood strikes. As you can see — considering I need two identical 11 by 23 inch sections of this design — the mood needs to start striking often!

I do consider this a particularly apt project for this year: the wool and canvas are leftover from a kneeler project in the mid-90s. The woman in charge kept all the spare wool, so when my Auntie’s acquaintances found the wooden prie dieu units it all came together fast.

More on the story as the year progresses.