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I’m not overly happy about giving up crafting space in my studio to the new JLX cross trainer, but it is what it is. Himself got me this Eee-nor-mous screen at the Big Yellow and Blue Swedish Store a few weekends ago: had it not been on quite a markdown I probably wouldn’t have even mentioned how it could be a good way to section off part of the room.

(Besides, Himself had just got a new television and sound system and we were at the store to get a new unit to put under it. He has this thing about wanting me to buy something after we’ve spent a lot on something for him. It’s cute, actually. Been going on for years and years. I didn’t want meatballs that day, so…).

It is a Really Big Thing, that’s for sure. I mean, I was going to make something myself — really I was — but I’m looking at it as more wood and fabric for other projects/time for stitching. We’re still fussing with the angle and placement in the room and I’m trying to figure out how to make it a little less ‘stark’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a great fan of Japanese type design. Love the simple line, the clarity of form and all that. I just need to marry it with a room full of color and walls that ‘drip up’!

For now, the ficus will do. For a week or so it has been sitting here on this wee table I found in one of my charity shops where I pick up odds and ends like this and this to refurbish.


It is certainly homemade, perhaps in a high school shop class or beginner’s woodworking course. It needed a very good sand to take away the thick coat of varnish


but luckily that’s what I was in the mood to do yesterday for a bit. I wasn’t concerned about getting the stain off as I’ve used this before


so know thin coats will let anything under show through. Two thin coats are fine for now. I’m not sure yet if I want a full antique-y look but I do know I don’t want a very solid matt finish. Knowing what you DON’T want is often more useful, wouldn’t you say? This house is full of black, white and grey. If the table needs to move on, it will not be hard to find it a space.


I’m somewhat sure (let’s say 92.7%) I have some Cat Street hardware I could use on this but for the life of me I do not recall where I’ve stored it. I came across it during the first Year when I was really clearing out supplies and had that ‘I’ll just put it here so I know where to find it’ moment/thought.

It will turn up. We’ve been moving so much around these days what with all the redecorating it’s just a matter of time.