Not how one can describe my decorating style. I’d never dream of buying a three piece suite or collection of furniture that matches. I let Himself do that when it came to the hallway furniture: a telephone table, shoe shelf and two wall shelves from the same range.

I love him anyway. Maybe one of these items will someday get damaged enough to need replacing or serious refashioning.


Y’know. Once of those ‘accidents’.


I picked up two of these globe shelves in a triple markdown sale way back when we first moved in. One got popped on the wall of Bedroom Four/The Snug/Himself’s Office  — mostly because we had an awful lot of bare walls that needed ‘something’. For a while after our return from a two year stint in Hong Kong it held my moon cake moulds but we found another way to display them during the First Year that I like ever so much better.

The other globe shelf holds my large thread spools and other sewing supplies in the studio:


This is at the side of the large table on which sits my sewing machine (and an enormous pile of mending and an equally large pile of things to either commit to refashioning or send to charity) and is to the right of the west south west facing window. My dragonfly from my days studying at the Royal School of Needlework


is on the other side of that window


out of direct sunlight. This could possibly be the location of the new Jazzberry/Bubblegum makeover of the original Imperial Red globe shelves.


Both units had a yucky ‘honey pine’ finish which required a fair amount of elbow grease to remove. It was back in the days before I had my Mouse, a tool without which I could not manage now! In order they do not match exactly I’ve swapped the positioning of the colors. Had it not looked like taking so many coats of white to cover the Imperial Red I might have swung that way, but I need my white paint to mix a dead pale grey for the office. Let’s remember The Rules!

I have an odd job to take care of over the next few days, but for this afternoon I have skirting boards to seal and filled holes to sand down on the walls for the office project.

My odd job is not really difficult, but it requires some thought before I get it underway. Once I start, there would be no going back….