Himself got a new smaller unit from the Liatorp range when he got his new television and sound bar at the start of the month.

I could not think of a single place in the house where the original sideboard — on which the old television sat — could be of use, so I gave serious thought to hacking it into a desk for the office.


I think that would mean taking it off the base so one could place one’s feet directly on the floor. The back panel at the middle has never been attached due to the numerous cables from the electronics that filled the middle section of the unit: that could easily get attached.

Another option would be to simply remove the centre shelves and rest your feet on the bottom.

I checked: you can fit four of the Expedit sized boxes into the two side areas with room to spare so there would be no need for new containers.

I didn’t keep the original plans but they are available online at the official site. I could take it apart and store it.

This has been my dilemma for that past few days. There’s plenty leftover from the 4×4 to 2×4 Expedit hack to make a desk once it is joined by my spare table top and that WAS the original plan.

I could turn those spare parts into a bench, or even a 1 x 4 narrower sides bookcase.

It’s been bothering me for days. I’m sick of it cluttering up the sunroom.

Today? I still do not know what to do.


So, I will spend this weekend working on our tenth anniversary quilt.

(And before you point it out to me, I know we will be married 23 years come July. Just leave it).

I made this and several other quilt tops while we lived in The Shoebox but had no reason to turn them into actual quilts because of space limitations and the fact our flat was warm as toast year round. This one came to Hong Kong with me years ago when I thought I was going to need something to do to fill my days while Himself put in long hours at the office. Got utterly hooked on Chinese knotting and wound up teaching that and other subjects at a number of places around the city so the Two Worlds One Heart quilt saw maybe 20 hours of work tops. I brought it back on our first home visit.

Last year I gave our nephew a quilt for his tenth birthday and tying that was a great way to spend the first cold dull months of the year. It’s the current header on the blog in fact.

It’s also the best way to waste/spend time I know of!