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Number five size Chinese knotting cord. NEVER gonna run out, despite giving an enormous lot to the Girl Guides during the first Craft Supply Using Up Year.


I’d like to think I impressed new students when I taught knotting at the English Speaking Members Department of the Hong Kong YWCA. While doing my three day course intro I’d tie one of these knots without even looking at my hands while explaining that step by step books were great but you needed to know what happens between the steps! After we returned home I kept my hand in by making lengths of knots, often two or three colors, which I’d turn into necklaces or bracelets for gifts or charity sales.

It was a great airplane project: I like to keep my hands busy at 37,000 feet and have never been a good reader at that height. It was not unusual for me to do four or five of this length (16 inches) on a trans-Atlantic crossing. If you pre-cut the lengths you didn’t need anything else but the cord.

Now that we’re almost always in the big seats, I occupy myself with eating and drinking and catching up on all the movies we never bother to see in the cinema anymore. Last few times we’ve been to the cinema we’ve found the other patrons too noisy or unable to keep away from their handheld devices (like anyone other than specialist doctors on call need to be reachable at all times) so personal seat backs in AA Business or First it is.

I digress.


I had a massive sort out of all my jewellery supplies in preparation for 2014’s blog, A Year Without Jewellery Supplies, which lost steam halfway through as jewellery making has always been a secondary craft to me and I did not have the gumption to keep it up a whole twelve months. All the supplies and findings are still in the craft room ready to play with any time I wish. I was repairing something for my Auntie this morning so lingered in there a bit longer when I came across these two halfway done projects.


Our spring vacation involves much time in the air so maybe I should cut some lengths of cord to bring along. I can’t remember when I last tied any knots.


It would be a shame to let that skill slide. The knot books and notes are stored in the loft nowadays but I know right where they are….