Lots o’ things fall under the category of ‘crafts’ this year, decorating among them so long as they follow the rule of only using what’s to hand.


Today was the perfect day to stir up some dead pale grey for Himself’s office, what with him on a two day business trip and me not needing to follow any schedule but my own. A four fifths full pot of white with maybe a quarter cup of the same black as the mural — which of course is NOT being painted over! My nephew would never forgive me. This was his own little space when he and his parents came to visit a number of years ago and his bed ran along the wall of this nook. I’m not sure of the origin of his fascination with birch trees. He used to want to go out to a cluster of them on my folk’s farm every visit, but he’s be outside rain or shine kind of kid and the birch trees were at a far edge of the property so maybe he just liked running out that far. Must ask him one day.


I didn’t move everything out of the room given that the hallway is already so cluttered up. It reminded me of the old days when I’d fancy a new color in The Shoebox. I’d paint one long and one short wall one day (all our possessions stacked to one side of our one room studio while I painted) then do the other long wall and short wall the next.


I think this will dry even lighter overnight. I wasn’t going so much for a new color as I was just not having it be white any more. We never knew WHAT we were going to do with this room so even though I was in my All Magnolia Paint Must Die mode those first four months we moved into our new build I had the sense to just go for white in this room.


The original curtains in here were a silly whim from a nearly two yard remnant, but they are no longer suitable for a guy’s office so down they came. I’ll reuse the curtain rod and rings as well as the lining of the bird curtains. The two inch black border strips from the edges of the curtains can go into the two inch strips and squares tub in my craft room.

And that’s enough for today. Time for a shower to get the paint out of my hair and from under my nails then it’s an evening of zombies and quilting. I recorded the first three episodes of season five of TWD to watch on Himself’s new television. Carol’s flaming zombies should be spectacular!