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Adam is the man. I live by his mottos and advice, especially the one that states failure is always an option. Credit to my ‘rents: we just had to TRY. If it went south, we tried again. Would that all parents rolled that way. So long as you haven’t killed someone or damaged yourself beyond repair, you’ve lost nothing in making the attempt.

I digress before I even get going.



All the bits of Expedit slated for the desk fit together well enough but the shimmy is a little more than I’d like, hence the drain on my supply of assorted brackets. They run along the back so don’t need to match or be pretty or anything like that. Function over form today, folks.

Himself’s desk for the office is being assembled upside down on the top of an upturned table top. Last year I swapped out a large Ikea Linnom for a shorter and narrower one. I’d originally bought it and the basic Ikea legs for use with my sewing machine, but more often than not the table wound up with lots of piles of other stuff that needed moving when I needed my Janome. My solution to that was remove the ability to load it up with lots of piles of fabric and make a rule that only the sewing machine and the current project sit atop it. I also made a concentrated effort to finish all the part-dones, which really reduced the stacks! The larger Linnom is about one centimetre too wide for the half an Expedit so there’s the tiniest gap to either side.

I can deal.

The entire thing is not all that heavy, but I’d prefer to flip it upright once a certain someone gets home from work today. He can tighten the screws for me first! Good thing I got all the pilot holes drilled before this happened….


Himself would never be so stoopid as to get me a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day. A dozen new DRILL Bits, well, that’s another thing entirely. Hints will be dropped.

The day was young, so I go going on the curtains. I took the lining of the previous curtains to use as a pattern for the leaf fabric which used to cover two large sections of a quartered mattress.

Yes. You’ve seen this fabric before.




Not sure if I want to reuse the old rings or if I’ll do tab tops. I’m leaning toward tab tops if I’m honest.

This is going to be one of those all-of-a-sudden-it-will-be-done projects, isn’t it?