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Sooner than I’d have liked, Himself has reason to work from home again. He’s on a very late flight back home tonight and won’t get home until half ten at best. No brainer really.


Luckily the desk, curtains and a few essentials got themselves done over the past 12 hours.


These needed a little ‘something’ so while I thought about it for a bit, I looked for a silly DND sign on t’internet for the door:


Bit naughty, I know, but I’ve just been published over on Engrish!

(Technically THIS is Chinglish — and so is my submission).

I dug out a still-sealed in the box digital picture frame (bought in 2009 before we left Hong Kong!) then loaded it up with 122 pictures.


They start with a picture of us on the Great Wall July 2007 and end with a selfie of us outside New York New York in Vegas November 2014.

(Gosh we covered a lot of the planet in seven years).

I came up with the idea to add those black borders from the original curtain to the top and bottom edges of the new pair.


I’m not kidding myself that Himself will even notice. Girls do. And I’m in charge of the office makeover.

Practical matters next — until I made this label for the last unassigned box for the Expedit desk.


I know when it is time to stop and have a hot chocolate.

Cost of makeover to date: one batch cookies for our pal who cut the sides of the Expedit for me with his laser guided saw. Not bad, eh?