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So the desk (1/2 of a 4×4 Expedit plus a long Linmom top) is done, it enjoyed the trial run to see if it needs front legs


(‘No’ per Himself) and as you can see, there’s plenty of room for  the 21.5 inch iMac. Happy IWOM.

If only Himself would sort out his stack of stuff for the left cubes of the desk


we’d be cooking with a bit more gas. I guess it’s the little things today then, like making labels for the lidded CD and DVD storage boxes formerly in the Liatorp sideboard 


and rummaging through that box we all have of ‘things that might be useful one day’.


These seemed just right for commonly used ’round here office supplies; they once held Williams & Sonoma red and green Christmas cookie sprinkles.

(Go have a look at my fabric scraps if you are ever visiting: I can tell you where EACH came from! We crafters are like that. Kinda like guys and obscure sports stats. Or my Bro-in-Law with movie facts. Or my Dad — with ANYTHING).


I’d hoped for a bigger haul after the garage clean-out of last week. That’s a biiiiiig empty wall one looks at when seated at this computer desk. Looks like I need a little time to have a think. I’m just happy Himself can tuck himself away here now when he works from home. Didn’t think we’d be at this stage by mid-February.

I know: let’s have another clear out (ahem, move stacks and boxes around) in the craft room! That always results in new project ideas and a few bags of scraps and bits and pieces for the Girl Guides!