The bags for the Girl Guides are filling up. Scraps smaller than a quarter yard, the latest batch of Death Fabric (‘Oh, I’ll just pass this along to IWOM’ says many an acquaintance clearing out a house where the seamstress has gone to the Great Sewing Room In The Sky) plus a portion of ‘bulk buys’ like these Hong Kong bought items with the helpful translation on the sticker.

Since I don’t need two dozen wee round magnets some of those are heading out next week when my head girl (so to speak) stops by. THIS lucky candidate goes on a Christmas cracker lucite wide clothespin for the back of the door. Too many times a reminder note Post-it has slipped or blown off and while I have no amusing anecdotes to relay about any chaos that may or may not have ensued, we will no longer have this situation in Casa de IWOM.

That’s all I got for this morning for you!