Yikes. At the rate I’m going with these Girl Guide donation bags, I’m not going to have an awful lot of choice when it comes to projects for the next ten months!

But, that’s okay I think. For far too many years I’ve had the space to a). get all my crafting supplies in one place and b). buy or otherwise acquire things for undetermined future projects. The general rule over the weekend and for the rest of today is that all items must have a set purpose, a particular project, or they go. ‘Clothes pin craft’ is NOT good enough.

I’ve already reused the cardboard tubes from this project to plant up this year’s sweet peas.  This morning I painted fifty clothespins (24 from the Advent Calendar project plus another 26) with a wee tester pot of red paint. I can not recall why I got this, but I am going to go out on a limb and say it was for Himself’s N-gauge layout. His tremendously demanding job plus a time-sucking charity commitment that can take him away from home three nights a week mean we aren’t getting a lot done on this long-term project. Sigh.


I’ve seen a number of simple clothes pin wreaths about t’internet that would look nice in my Mom’s seasonal store on the farm where I grew up. The country look does not suit Casa  de IWOM but I do like making crafts in that vein so Mom’s due all sorts of things now that I’ve so studiously sorted out the next batch of projects.


Not all that long ago I got a half dozen wire forms when I was over on my original side of the pond. No specific project in mind, so that’s why they’ve sat in a bag on a shelf ever since.

Perhaps we should start referring to this blog as a crafter recovery aid…. Use up all your odds and ends AND reform your bad crafting habits. 

I think the best plan is to perform the final assembly in situ: wouldn’t want it to get bashed in the suitcase on those two legs it will take next month for a solo visit to the folks and sibs.



Perhaps I can prevail upon my crafting loving nephew (him who owns the quilt on the header) to help me decide upon the design. The nice thing about this project is that it can be changed if you like. Mom might very well like that plan if the Nephew is up for a visit, the weather is bad and she’s looking for something to keep ‘im busy.