On the list of people I hate, quite near the top you are going to find people who allow their cats to roam about and foul other people’s gardens. Over the years I have tried all sorts of things with varying success, but this should NOT be the problem of the cat-less. It really should not. Dog owners in this country can get fined OBSCENE amounts when their pets leave little packages, but oh no, not CAT owners. Not even if you have pictures.

On the mornings I need to clear five to ten piles of cat excrement I do confess I mull on mixing up a deterrent of tinned salmon and antifreeze, but that passes when I remember that it is not the animals but their irresponsible owners.

I heard one guy on my street brag that he won’t have litter boxes in his house as they are ‘disgusting’ and that cats don’t need them if you have a cat flap on your back door.  Here’s hoping there is such a thing as karma and his next life is as a field mouse.


Of course, if you don’t give them any bare patches of earth in your yard/garden, then they have nothing in which to dig and poop. Bamboo skewers plunged into the ground five or six inches deep in a random hard to dig around pattern is an environmentally happy solution that has done well for me, but it isn’t a nice look. Today I dipped a spare pack of skewers from last year in some green fence treatment so they will blend in a bit better. They might even keep more than a season or two before rotting away, given that this is a fence preservative stain.


Letting them dry in pots like this was not working really well: they kept rolling into each other and sticking! The going was FAR too slow, but it was on today’s gardening list and I am too OCD to give up on things that give me grief.


Enter chunks of styrofoam saved out ‘because they might come in use’. Thankfully I’m not throwing out/donating TOO much of the crafting stash.

BTW — The Girl Guides got their latest bags of stuff from the IWOM the other day and I’m already starting the next sack.

Of course, we never paint IN the sunroom anymore, but we do let things dry in there. The other ends might get done tonight after supper then I will be ready to go tomorrow when I plant out pots of daffodils I made up for the express purpose of filling bare spots.

You’re saying to yourself: this isn’t a CRAFT, IWOM. I know, but it does fall under the beautiful AND useful credo of William Morris and I’ve not spent any money on the project and it is MY blog.

It also has a kinda modern art look to it, doesn’t it?