Last fall I gathered many MANY poppy heads from Himself’s golf club. I don’t play, but I do walk around when he goes out after work for nine holes and I play close attention to his every shot take note of where the best wildflowers lurk so I can collect seed to see if they will grow in my garden. I’ve always wanted to try the red and purple poppies that grow along that beautiful links course in a spot where silly visitors often hit their balls and can’t find them again on the back nine.


Google ‘free seed packet templates’ and you are spoiled for choice. This design is my go-to when I want to pass along my excess seed to fellow gardeners. I’ve even been known to color in the little flower designs at the corners.

I went a little overboard last fall: I had enough poppy seeds for eight packets of two tablespoons each. Must have a think on who would like some, as well as what to do with hundreds of dried poppy seed heads.