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I’m not sure why this was given to me.

I have a four foot by four foot herb bed in the back garden.


Just for rosemary.

I’ve written before about my struggle with Zentangle. ZIA I can do. I think too much about design and art and technique to be a good tangler, but I do like the designs in and of themselves.


Even did a tile I liked enough to frame, but perhaps that was more so I would walk by it and think of my CZT.


I’m always tearing up unneeded sheets of paper that are blank on the back: before they go into the recycle bin I’ll use these for shopping lists and the like. I’d put this bit of paper in the recycle box then took it out when I saw this urn, which I had seen at the British Museum at a recent exhibition.


Then I had to pop across the pond for about two weeks.

This always happens: I get good ideas when I don’t have the time to see them through.

Why is that?

Now that I’m back, I still need to think more about where this needs to go. It’s certainly gone from ZIA to plain ol’ Sharpie Art at this point so its time for a look to see if/how I can drag it back toward tangles for designs. Or maybe it isn’t meant to be pure ZIA (which in itself is somewhat of a contradiction if I understand the concept of ZIA correctly).


While I let this simmer on one of the back burners of my brain (I usually have four going at any one time, so that’s the front burners also occupied),


my ‘installation’ at the back of the unit that holds my oven has to go.

Blame it on all the clearing and staging work in which I was involved last week at Little Sis’s house across the pond. Her realtor is really big on a stark, clean look for the brochure/website photos and even I was surprised at the decisions of the professional stager she brought along one afternoon to aid us in our work. Obviously you want to pack away your knick knacks and family photos, have the place hospital clean and get rid of any rugs that hide your lovely hardwood floors (I cover my sister’s floors) but gosh: I was really shocked at how bare the ‘Dream Team’ wants it. They know best! Let’s hope it goes to sealed bids within a few days of the main open house.

I digress.

I’ve been saving odds and ends of packages for a while, everything from my favourite Hong Kong tea to Hawai’ian nuts to USA items I can’t get here. You can’t really see ’em, they are taking up space so I decided they had to go.


But not for good: I took the covers/fronts off one of each to save for a possible collage or other artwork for the fifties inspired kitchen.


All sorts of bottles came down from the shelves up above as well. You can’t really see them that high up so I’ve put my favourites into my stash of glass vases and the rest to the recycle bin.

Guess all I have left for you today is my nephew’s crafting:


There were leftovers of both red and plain clothes pins, so if he fancies a different design he can clip away on his next visit to my Mom’s. She was quite delighted with yet another Auntie IWOM and The Nephew creation. Guess you are never too old to make stuff for your Mom!