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Whenever I pinch off bits of money plant they end up in little pots of water around the house.

On the kitchen window cill


and on one of my favorite projects from the first year I gave this crafting whilst buying no supplies things a go


to name but a few spots.

This grain cup came home with us from the West Coast trip last fall. We drove from LA north to Napa, then back down to San Francisco after a few days in wine country so we could continue ticking NFL stadiums off the list. We had two clear choices and chose to go across the bay one lovely sunny Sunday vs south of the city.

We wore black. If I can’t come back a Pats fan, I want to be in Raider Nation. We saw them at Wembley last year in all their costumed glory supporting a not all that together team (they did make a valiant try against Denver when we saw them at home in their real home) so followed them to their bitter end last season.

(Of course, ours was a liiiitle longer…).


The black, grey and white color scheme for this project was a given, so when Himself got a gigantic soda that afternoon, I knew the cup was going in the case to come to our side of the pond to be used somewhere in the office. It is a bit tall for pens and pencils but makes the perfect plant pot.

Someone’s paperwork from his second job is still seriously cluttering up said office so that’s gotta change this weekend so we can get back to this year’s main project. I want to start getting something on the walls


but we’re in the middle of a will we/won’t we make this a standing desk discussion and it doesn’t seem sensible to hang anything until we make the decision. I think it’s a yes,  so it is more a matter of permanent vs moveable. We’re leaning toward the latter.

Time for a little research on the matter.