‘garden supplies’.



The bits from last year’s strawberry plant protection have been waiting in the ENORMOUS plastic recycle bin that I don’t use but the council won’t take away. It’s MUCH easier to drop off small bags at the collection points right near the grocery store I walk to two or three times a week. This sucker is BIG and UGLY so is currently hidden along the side of the house.

Their new purpose? Cat deterrents. Even when I stretch netting over my beds the area cats rip open the net to deposit their s***. Since adopting this method


the backyard pests have moved on to foul someone else’s garden. I laid my hands on quite a bit of netting last year so should be good for this season.

Reminder: animal lover/cat tolerate-er me, but I cannot abide people who let their animals roam and destroy other people’s property. If it were a dog doing this I would feel the same. Can’t look after them? Don’t own them. The law in this country is very much on the side of the cat people so anything that might in the slightest harm the little pwecious kitties can get a person in deep doo-doo. 

On that note, neuter the ones you do have.

Oh, and adopt abandoned ones like my sweet E. does. THAT’S the mark of a true animal lover I tells ya.

Spent bean vines kept the little b******* from fouling two beds along a very sunny fence through the winter. When I saw that many pansies were growing through I left them to get big enough to dig out and pass along to fellow gardeners in my circle,


then used more bits of spacers to make double duty bits of trellis for more netting.


Luckily I have an eighty percent full tin of paint so I can touch up a few raised beds that need it as well as paint all the bits of trellis I’ve been making on and off since the start of the year.


I have a rather long way to go with my new kitchen garden plan for 2015 (i.e. getting rid of a lot of flower beds and making space for more raised beds) but must have had a jolt of inspiration over the weekend to take on today’s work with such enthusiasm. I’m not a sitting in the garden sort so might as well make it work for me as opposed to it being a lovely manicured retreat like this.