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I was only in the presence of my sister’s real estate agent for about forty five minutes last month when she came by Little Sis’s place with her house staging expert. I would say I had about eighty five percent of the stager’s ideas in my own head so was pleased to see the assorted bits I left out used for finishing touches in the professional photographs. I did stage our wee flat well enough to have three offers in 36 hours after all — and that was ten years ago in a country not nearly as up to speed on this as is the USA. I think I can put house staging on my list of ‘things I could do for a career if looking after Himself was not already a full time job’.

Those of you who know him — you know what I mean. For those of you who don’t, let’s not get into it at the moment. ‘Nuther’ time maybe. Suffice to say he uses that huge brain of his to bring home top shelf bacon so the IWOM can putter about as she does.

Puttering, since I returned from that trip to the other side of the pond to help Little Sis in her enormous task of getting her house ready to sell (it’s under contract just now, the open house only having been Sunday), has been a case of wandering about the house and garden applying the make do and mend mentality of this blog. Lots of this week was spent outside on garden work, but a thorough clear out of the garage then trip to the council recycle centre with a car load of unneeded items is what kept me busy Wednesday. Got looots of space in my garage now.


Tool hooks are a particular weakness of mine. I see them, I think ‘I could probably use a few more in the garage’ then I buy them. They tend to come in packs of five and sometimes I have one or two leftover. Since I did not need any more on the walls of the garage, five assorted sizes went onto the walls of the guest room closet to get assorted carry-ons off the floor.

See? This is the sort of boring stuff I have been doing since I returned to my side of the pond, hence the lack of posts! This fall we will be in this house ten years, so with that on my brain — plus my efforts with Little Sis to make sure they bring nothing to the new house that is going to simply sit taking up space until recycled, donated or thrown out — I’m more Eliminator of My Own Confusion at present than crafter, but I don’t see why they can’t go hand in hand.

Especially when I’m keeping so well to the rules.

Well. That’s a rocky interpretation. Himself bought the pale green (on sale) Lack a few weekends ago as a simple solution to the standing desk matter for the office.


The shelf for the keyboard needs trimming before using the brackets we chose. They are not the ones used on many of the Standing Desk Lack Hack posts we’ve consulted but they caught Himself’s eye so that’s what got bought. He’s a good seven inches taller than me so we are fussing with the height this weekend so that it is comfortable for us both. We decided the standing desk option had to be just that: an option vs a permanent fixture so that Lack will not be fixed to the Expedit hack desk. The sooner we get this sorted the sooner I can get to the decorative bits to finish off the office.

We should get back to the reason for the blog title. Little Sis and Dr. Bro-in-Law had a zillion little dinky jobs to do before the viewings. Luckily Roberta ‘had a guy’ for just about every one of them. A guy who could fix a cracked glass pane in the den window, one who fit in little painting jobs around his main role as a house husband, one who did windows. I now have a ‘Roberta List’: if we put this house on the market tomorrow, what would I have to do round here first and how can I do it with the stuff I’ve already got? Next up is sealing an repainting assorted inside window cills with the sealer and paint I found in the garage.

I could show you pictures of that….