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IMG_2103_2 I am okay with forty percent of my studio being turned into an exercise nook.


Really. I’m serious. We have to stay fit in the non golf/gardening season (about half the year if I’m being realistic) and this was the only place to put our elliptical. It couldn’t have happened a few years ago before the 2013 blog and my many, many donations to the area Girl Guides facility, that’s for sure. And it makes me keep order in the studio, which is also not a bad thing.


It doesn’t need decorating per se, but it does need something to make it less cell-like. I’ve been mulling it over for months and think I have the solution.


I’d only used one of these 9×12 mirrors in the craft room — it didn’t even hang on a wall but instead sat on or near the small craft table so I could use it when making jewellery. The other two have been in the Wood and Glass tub since arriving at Casa de IWOM.


The mirror above left was a wedding present. It was sanded and painted immediately as it was a sickly honey pine and has been quite a few colors these past nearly 23 years. It hung on the wall near the prie dius I am working on for Rosslyn Chapel. I don’t need to see myself so down it came. The mirror above right was found in the garage. I think it was a charity shop find from years ago.

These five — and a few I know are in the attic — are getting a coat of Black Magic, the paint of so many murals around the house. Office. Sunroom. Mixed with white for MANY projects in the 2013 blog.

I swear that tin will not end. I have a big box store card that I’ve been saving to use on another bucket of flat black but I might as well use it on something else.

It will keep me busy later today while Himself partakes of the first competition of the year at his golf club. I’ll let them dry in the sunroom after as many coats as each need. They’ll be left flat black for now but I reserve the right to put a sealer on them that will add a little shine if that looks to be required.

Plan A is to play the guilt card Sunday morning to get Himself to help me hang them in the exercise nook.

‘I missed you SOOOOO much while you were at the golf all yesterday afternoon’.

I’ve learned a few things in nearly two dozen years.

Not that I need any help to do this task, mind you. You got to make them feel needed every so often, no matter how competent you are!