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Every so often I have a day like this: if I see it and it needs something doing to it (cleaning, picking up, turning into a craft) I do it right away. RIGHT away.

This morning was such a morning. First up:


Replacing the side labels on my spice jars. I stuck labels on the sides when I got this rack four or five years ago so I could write on them in pencil. Wasn’t sure which herbs and spices I was going to keep on hand, hence the need for an easy way to change the names.


I’d been hoping to find a sheet of sticky back paper to pop into the printer, but no go. It’s somewhere I’m sure, but with the office makeover yet to be completed there’s still some boxes to be unpacked. Next up was the empty (once I had a small caffetierre of Lazy Sunday — now available in half caf!) syrup bottle.


There was a little bit of useable chalkboard paint left in the last tin I have to hand. I made some of these during the First Year for myself and for gifts. Given all the garden work I am doing lately I’ve ended many a day with a hot bath with epsom salts so decided I could use a bottle especially for salts, the container they come in being so unattractive.



Lots of people know we drink wine, so we get lots of wine related gifts. Little Sis has given us  some beautiful stoppers over the years. However, we are not a couple that leaves anything in a bottle once opened so the nice stoppers are on display on our bar while the plain ones get re-gifted or donated to charity. Only the other day I put one in the charity bag but retrieved it as it is perfect for this narrow neck bottle, which is too small for a standard cork. See the little black rubber bit in the middle of the stopper? It’ll form a nice tight seal so the salts don’t get damp.

Weeding the garlic bed was next up: when I passed by on the way to open the greenhouse door I saw that not only were there weeds but more of those gosh darn pansies


as well as one Granny’s Bonnet and a good eight foxglove. I’ll let them all grow on a few weeks, then find some bare spots in the front garden that need filling.

(There were very few actual weeds I’m happy to report). 

Lunch next, then we find something else to keep out of trouble before Himself gets home and we dash out to the course for nine holes.