For a while I was happy to go by ‘Widder IWOM’ in reference to Himself’s Saturday golf competitions. Being a widow must be quite awful, so putting an ‘Oklahoma’ spin on the title sat well — for a bit.

I never begrudge him time on the course or driving range or in front of the telly watching the pros. It occurs to me that ‘golf widows’ who have a problem with this should a). have chosen a different guy or b). should have negotiated something they were happy with once they discovered their husband’s growing interest in the sport.


So this morning while my husband was away at this week’s competition at his club, this wife built more trellis and two small raised beds to put in the base of the greenhouse. While I was at it, any bits of wood less than eight inches went into a bag to bring to the wood skip at the recycle centre next time I’m heading there. With a source of free spacers only a town away, there’s no sense in keeping such small bits.


I don’t have a lot of funky colored garden paint left from last year’s projects, so since the beds and trellis are going in the greenhouse and won’t be as noticeable as those in the outdoor raised beds, I went with the leftover green timber treatment from another project.


Exciting project? No. Free? Yep. I plan to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse this year. Only one year have I had any success with growing them outside and last year’s plants in pots in the greenhouse died out too quickly. Having their own proper bed seems like the next step.

Now to design a zero cost watering system for the long weekends we’re away.