get a gas engineer to come by first thing to fix it. Himself and IWOM are very handy people but we know what to keep away from. We returned to a very chilly house and cold radiators last night; luckily it was just the fan that needed oiling and servicing and the engineer was here less than 20 minutes all told.

I’ve been thinking on watering options for my greenhouse. While clearing a few things in the garage so the engineer could more easily get at the boiler for the first thing this morning appointment, a bag of one litre plastic bottles revealed itself from behind the paper recycle bin.


A look through the 2013 garden notes gave me the right number and size of holes to drill in the caps so these bottles, once filled with water, could be upturned and sunk into any bed or pot or bit of earth that needed extra water while we were away for longer than a weekend.

I was rather hoping we’d have to drink a fair few G&Ts to get enough tonic bottles for this project, but there were 11 in the bag and I don’t see planting more than eight tomato this year.