Post-vacation recovery.

Tons ‘o garden work.

Massive clear out of craft supplies and assignment of the remaining to specific projects.

Refashioning, which doesn’t really belong here.

That’s how I’ve spent the past eight weeks, in case you were wondering.

This morning it’s been getting to grips with the new photo system on my iMac and the fact I can’t find pictures I’ve just offloaded from the iPod.

Sigh. I’m not old, but when a system works and the upgrade doesn’t actually make the company any money as one can download it for free — what’s the deal?

I decided the house had enough of the two prints used for the pillows on the sunroom futon/couch: fabric harvested from a quartered mattress that used to make up a corner seat/single bed in the room that is now the office. One sits quite far back if one choses to sit on the futon and frame and the cushions previously there were a bit too decorative and 3D so did not provide anything but a display of pretty pillows.

A clever girl would have remembered to take a picture first, but I haven’t been blogging for a bit and it slipped off my radar. 

The covers came off and the forms reused for one fabric replacements. I can tell you from a morning of sitting against them drinking tea and reading that the new ones are DARN comfortable.

The Office Project has hit a standstill. I’d left decor and shelves for he walls until he’d had a chance for quite a few days of WFH. The room does need to work for HIM first. The standing desk concept does not suit ‘im, more’s the pity, so last weekend after an early anniversary celebration lunch (today being number 23) we acquired a proper desk chair. The rug was pinched from the sunroom to see if we want a rug in there.

Yeah. We do think too much sometimes.


It sort of makes the left-in-there-so-Hmself-could-have-a-comfy-place-to-sit-during-conference-calls chair rather redundant,

IMG_2734and I can’t find another home for it in the studio, living room or sunroom.

IMG_2749It can’t stay in the landing, that’s for sure! Can it be after nearly ten years we need to get rid of our first piece of furniture?!?


Before getting along with a few ideas for the office walls I had to fix a wobbly issue with the bookcase.


Luckily I had some packets of L brackets. Two on the top, two on the bottom and we’re sorted.


While rummaging in the garage for the brackets I found a packet of hooks just right for the back of the kitchen door. These daily use reusable bags used to crowd the back of the door handle. No more.

If I had to do a (belated) half year round up I would say this house is more clutter free than craft-filled than when we started in January. I can’t think of very much I’ve bought for any sort of project round here except for a new 1mm pilot drill bit and a new number six drill bit — and that’s only ’cause I broke the previous ones. We’re on track — just not the crafty track I envisioned.

Got next week to myself what with Himself heading abroad for work, so we’ll see what we can accomplish in the office in terms of decor. It’s been hard, I tells ya. He leaves lots spread all over and I don’t want to disturb the ordered chaos.

Maybe I don’t need him home QUITE so much….