After making up several more bags of scraps to donate to my Girl Guide girl I made another pass through the general craft supplies. She lives a couple towns over so when I call to arrange a pick up, I like to make it worth her time.


A big lot of raffia that used to be this


and which had these


in the centre (and who now live up here)


started off my third bag. I’m thinking this blog needs to be renamed ‘how to get rid of craft supplies’ or something along those lines….

Lately I’ve been spending my craft time refashioning as well as working on one of my quilts


but had to switch to some outdoor crafts yesterday. I’ve been quite successful in attracting birds and other wildlife to the back garden but some bully birds have moved in and are eating far more than their share.

When I helped my Auntie clear out her shed last summer I acquired a few bits and pieces that might be useful.


I want to say they are shelves from those temporary plastic greenhouses.


The shelving was bird-sized. How do I know?


It was approximately the same area as the cage above: a gift when we moved in years ago which a). rusted after a year and b). never had any takers no matter what sort of seed I had in there. I painted it, added the ‘seed beads’ and made two wee paper mache birds. THESE birdies do not make a mess all over the ferns.

For some reason I also kept a few of the hanging baskets I acquired on the day. I’m not a hanging basket sort, but I thought they could be used for something else eventually.


Today=eventually! The two are held together with four bits of plastic covered wire that can be easily removed in order to fill the feeder. Originally I added only a little seed to see if this was going to work and work it does. The large birds were squawking up something fierce within an hour and it was very amusing to see a fat country pigeon make a stab a reaching the seed.