I forget that I can post from my iPod. Usually I take pictures with it, load ’em on the iMac and post away. Am I showing my age or my Luddite-ness?

This has come in handy today given I’ve got the office all in a muddle and can’t easily reach the big computer. On business trip weeks Himself does not work from home so when a rain shower drove me inside, I resigned myself to an hour in the office. 


Since the shelf I got at the Blue and Yellow Store is not needed for the standing desk option after all, I’d been looking for a spot for it. Up over the Expedit hack bookcase seemed best. (I WILL be sliding the bookcase over a bit to line them up). Some sort of plant will go up there too — or that one needs a haircut. 

As usual, I need a think. 

It is nice to have those framed prints up on the wall and not underfoot anymore. The black cubes aren’t sure if they want to be there so I’m letting them hang out a bit before we decide.