I think I like this philosophy of just getting to it vs debating if it is a craft/worthy of putting on this year’s blog. Better to light a candle and all that….


Basic brackets and MDF from the base of the drawer of the Liatorp coffee table hacked long ago for my husband’s N-gauge model railway (that he hasn’t worked on for ages die to his two overly demanding of his time jobs) did for lightweight, above the bookcases storage in the studio for a few years. After the third clear-out for the Girl Guides they became surplus to requirements. I’d been meaning to separate the brackets from the boards, but got inspired when doing a trash/recycle sweep in the garage when rain kept me from doing what I wanted out in the back garden.


They are perfect for my unneeded at this point in the season seed trays, compartments and lids. Best of all I found beams so did not need to dip into the dwindling supply of wall plugs. I’ll never be rid of the odd assortment of screws around here.

Not overly crafty, but quite satisfying.