Why is it when I get a good idea for the office revamp project, it falls on a day Himself needs the space to work from home?

Really. I’m askin’.


Thankfully he’s at HQ today. A quick Google indicated that an MDF surface that was to be covered in wallpaper or fabric needed a sizing of PVA and water before going any further and that was easily accomplished.

(You’ll recall the latest work on the Expedit hack bookcase?).


I had no fabric quite right for this, but I had a bit of money left on a gift card for a big box DIY store chain here in the UK. The one closest to me — and quite a few others round the country — is closing and I’ve been weekly to watch the tool prices drop. When this nice wallpaper went to 90% off the other day, I was sold.


Yeah, yeah — I’m not supposed to spend any money this year. In my defence, I have another bog box DIY store than the one closing I go to now which has better prices, service, and advice so the gift card would have been used to prop a wonky table leg if I hadn’t used it.

It ties in with the nature theme of the room and I can use it to cover shoe boxes for storage. Cutting the paper perfectly is no hard task. Getting it on straight first time out looks to require a round of my favourite activity: The Housewife and The Handyman.

Finding a window to do this is the task at hand. Stay tuned.