Not always.


Most of the time I am perfectly happy with the decision to send the original table top across the hallway to Himself’s office. Not when there’s a big bit of sewing to do though


or I have to lay out projects on the bed because they are too big for the slimmed down sewing table.


Then there’s the whole (first world crafting) problem of having too many ready-made prairie points


which means you can easily do a double row


while having some spares. I have rather a lot of black and white fabrics so these won’t be going into the latest Girl Guide donation bag.


The points and backing are all pinned together ready to be hand sewn later this week in the sunroom when rain is due. The top edge does not have prairie points, which I was taught as being the traditional way (easier to tuck the top of the quilt around pillows at the head of the bed if that’s a straight edge), so all that’s left is to make binding for that edge from the backing trimmed away once the quilting was done.


Finished pictures soon!