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I collected a good handful of these shells based on the fact they already had wee holes. I don’t have a Dremel or the like (as yet) so thought they’d be of use if I fancied some seashell jewellery.

I have yet to do so.


I am not going to show you the slip of paper on which the date of collection occurred. Let’s just say it’s why my two craft storage areas still look like this




(and I’m not even putting a picture of the seamstressing supplies shelves, tins and other storage next to the sewing table. Or the other two tubs of wool in the Chapel project corner).

Little Sis has a beach theme to the mantle over her fireplace for part of the year: I’ve helped her decorate it (and have taken it down to replace with holiday themed displays) and I know I’ve never seen a shell garland. Mind, her new house doesn’t lack for mantles so if she did acquire a shell garland and I didn’t know about it, we’re still good.


Wee tip: I dipped the end of the jute in clear nail polish so it would fit through the holes more easily. I didn’t want to use the bead reamer to the point where I might shatter the shells so only enlarged them as much as necessary.


It’s about 33 inches from end shell to end shell, with about seven inches of jute on either end. I didn’t really measure the starting length — sorry!

Gosh. You almost COULD wear this as a necklace….