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There is a lot of symbolism in the quilt design for our tenth anniversary.

Which we celebrated 13 years and nearly two months ago.

In my defence, we did not have a lot of room in The Shoebox in the Big City and I made several tops that were destined to be quilted up once we got a larger space. I took it with me to Hong Kong eight years ago for what ended up being a two year stay but found so many other things to learn and keep me busy that I brought the untouched layered quilt back on our first home visit. Something made me want to finish it — not sure what. Perhaps I was just tired of moving it around!


I do not recall what our wedding invites look like (they were chosen by Himself and his mommy, as were 95% of the details: I just made a dress and showed up). However, I do remember the announcements my Mom sent on her side of the pond and her fabulous choice of sentiment on the matter — ‘two worlds, one heart’.


The whole quilt was based around that. I chose blocks like ‘Happy Home’


and made little ‘story’ elements like


the tall house block to the left on ‘ONE’ to indicate our old 1930s building where we lived on the top/tenth floor. There are several sections of ‘Flying Geese’, which symbolise the obvious! I often tell people it was cheaper to marry Himself that to keep flying across to visit or buying him plane tickets (poor student that he was for the first five years of our relationships).

Scroll back up to ‘TWO WORLDS’ and you will see two little villages separated by a star block. That for the two sides of the world on which we grew up.

What really seems like ages ago now, I would look up at the sky at night and think that we were under the same stars so we weren’t really all that far apart. These three rows of stars are for the three years between meeting and marrying.



The original plan did not include the prairie point edging, but I added that to indicate that there are ups and downs in marriage….