Refashioning doesn’t quite fit here on this blog so my efforts of the past couple weeks to empty the knits/jersey fabric/old Ts/airline sleep suits tub can be found over on Refashion Co-op. Yours truly has been a contributor for a while and editor since February of 2013. I am out of room on my own refashion blog and have not yet got round to buying more space, which is why my many, many projects these past couple weeks are over there! This project led to lots of cool scraps for the Girl Guide donation bags, which are almost of the quantity that requires a call to my pal the area coordinator.


I haven’t made any button crafts in YEARS and I’ll never use all the ones to hand for clothing construction so once I got down to a single jar


quite a few bags went into the donate space. I washed and sterilised the canning jars I no longer need and in went my chia seed, pumpkin seed, golden linseed and special whey powder based breakfast mix for my NutriBullet meals: add a banana, some rice, coconut or almond milk and you are ready for a morning and most of the afternoon in the garden. Speaking of which….

I had high hopes the Barleywood tin would go further


but I never said it was a year without garden supplies — just that I was trying not to spend much while using up a lot of things in the garage and shed. The third levels for the raised beds are all built now so just need fitting to the top of each bed once the crops are harvested.

Today’s test trellis


— i.e the cat fouling deterrent I’m hoping will be successful — is in place. The actual testing of this idea is done I suppose as none of the beds on which I’ve laid a grid of spacers over this past four or five weeks has been ruined by the critters of poorly trained pet owners or the several feral cats which continue to roam this area. If there still are problems, I can spray the little boogers with water fit nets the the underside of the trellis.

I probably don’t even need the extra height on each bed but it will help contain the strawberries better in the large beds so while I was at it I figured I’d do them all. Sawn carcassing is dead cheap and I have enough for a couple more 80 or 90 cm square beds. It’s only when it comes to garden stuff that I think metric! It’s all those 3.6 or 4.8 metre lengths I guess. Just easier to do the math that way.

These trellis will all be made of the free spacers I got last year. After a little calculating I think I’m looking at another trip there to the lumberyard for about a half a bootfull. I’ve assigned all the various lengths in stock to the beds they are closest to fitting and will cut everything I have before the next trip — of course first baking some brownies for the chap who runs the place and always lets me take as much as I want.


This all needs doing so I can get green manure seeds in all the beds in before Himself and I take off for our usual fall vacation. What happened to the summer?