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If you are going to spend a whole day making these


then the best you can hope to do is make Breakfast Bath Bundles


(squares of fine muslin scraps to hold lavender from the garden, lemon and chamomile tea — found out of date (!) at the last cupboard clear out — and finely ground oatmeal)


and be content to sit on the couch watching Hoarders while tackling the next refashion tub.


The collars and cuffs go right to the donation bags while the larger parts go back in the tub —


which at present falls between refashioning projects and quilt projects when it comes to labelling.

Processing clothes for either purpose is the best way to get them on the road to their new lives.

And you feel slightly (slightly) virtuous for doing something with them. This is merely a version of ‘churning’ (been reading a lot about the ins and outs of hoarding, not because I think I might suffer from it but because it interests me) but I do have projects in mind for the winter.

Back to the garden now that the Excedrin has kicked in….