(refashions), it’s another (trellis protection for the raised beds). Seems like those are the only two things I do these days.


Judicious planning means I will not need another trip to the lumber yard where I score my free spacers,


which is A Very Good Thing as I’d just fill the boot of the car with dozens and dozens. It’s rather nice not to have stacks of these all around the back garden! There are two bags of shorter than eight inch bits for my father-in-law’s wood burning stove. Nothing going to waste on this project!


It would be nice to get them all painted before the yucky weather sets in, but I will be content with getting sealer on ’em in the next week and a bit. Himself is working from home tomorrow and since I try to give him peace in the house I can see my tomorrow unfolding along a certain path.

Some of the beds are still occupied so will need to wait for their additional layer and trellis. Part of me really wishes I had come up with this plan a few months earlier!


Must go look for the blog where I got the basic trellis over raised bed idea so I can give my fellow gardener credit.

FOUND IT!: The Montana Wildlife Gardener