May 2015! I am mortified. I bought some for a recipe which I wound up not making and kept pushing this aside in the butter drawer of the fridge. It was the longest out of date thing in the cupboard clear-out last week and I figured another few days couldn’t hurt.


Lard is not the nicest smell, so I melted it over a bowl of boiling water in an old glass pan


which took about ten minutes. Into the 250g block of lard went four and a bit tuna fish cans of bird seed (the make-shift scoop I leave in the 10kg bag). It is currently setting in the sunroom


and the plan to cut it in quarters, wrap and freeze said quarters will be on tomorrow’s list. Now that it is dark for a good hour and a bit after Himself leaves for work I need to set out fun tasks the night before to avoid the temptation of going back to bed.

We’re calling cutting seed cakes a ‘fun task’.

My definition of ‘fun’ is a little odd….

Another pass through the craft room for the Girl Guides


over the weekend led to the discovery of the reason for this year’s blog!

Let me s’plain.


This copper and rusty leaf wall art hung on the living room wall of my last surviving grandparent, who passed in the summer of 2012. Mom saved me out some things from the house clear — which unfortunately I was not in a position to assist — and this, along with all the quilted things I made my grandmother over the years — was one of them. It was about four and a half feet long by two wide and therefore not really suitable for a suitcase. I wasn’t keen on shipping it so decided to get some of Dad’s metal cutters


and chop off the leaves from the rebar like stem. I wrapped them in bubble wrap, they traveled from the east to the west coast (AND Vegas!) but when I got home —


one of our cases had been opened. I have no doubt it was because of the x-ray this produced.

I’ve been saving these cards. Someday I am going to make a layer of them in one of our cases. I don’t particularly care if our bags are searched, but do not cut off our APPROVED locks and put everything back as you found it. How can that be difficult?

Moving on.

I was actually going to have these metal leaves (eight large, six a bit smaller) be the first project of this year, but was never satisfied with the ideas of how to display them. Should I get a ‘stem’ and put it back together the way it was? Hang them from fishing line in the upstairs landing? I knew I wanted them there but that was about it. I briefly toyed with putting them in the office given the nature theme, but have other plans once we sort out some storage issues. With it being used so much by Himself I’ve not been able to work on much in there. Messy boy.


Not all the leftover bits of spacer from the trellis project


made it to the skip at the recycle or the bags destined for kindling for my father-in-law’s wood burning stove. I kept out some of the nicest straightest bits for small garden projects, the started playing around with ways to use those with the leaves. With so much garden work to get in before we head away for a bit, this project will have to wait, but at least I can think on where to go from here.


One of my favourite projects out back during these past weeks has been this little square bed around a flowering cherry tree.


I’d made a round bed for it originally but it was too big and just felt out of place what with it being rustic and round and the raised beds being blue and square or rectangle. I’d placed the newer raised beds too close to the wee decorative one and that was a problem as well.


The bulbs I dug out have been spread in the low wildlife area of the garden in no particular pattern so that they will come up in the wild geranium, which I usually leave to compost in situ.


Ninety percent of my lavender got harvested earlier this week. I left a bit for the last hardy few critters who aren’t letting the cold nights get them down!