The to-be-used-for-refashions-or-crafts Thomas Pink shirts have been in a state of limbo since October. Since I’m looking for quiet crafts these days (see here) I decided to take all the disassembled shirts I KNEW were going to be for crafts and really get them to that point of being ready to cut  for quilting.



I’m talking all seams trimmed away now and everything pressed


and put away in the new smaller tubs for the fabric I’m keeping for my future quilts.


This morning it was the turn of the black, white and grey shirts. Probably my favourite quilt ever is a black and white one so I’ve been looking for patterns and ideas for another that I can make with lighter weight batting/wadding. The one on the bed at present does keep us toasty warm!

Tomorrow morning I’m saving out enough for one Thomas Pink shirt based refashion project then I’m giving the same treatment to the rest of Himself’s blue-based shirts, of which there are a LOT.

The chances of me running out of handwork/quiet work before the bridge reopens are not very good just now, but as they keep saying, all things are weather dependent….