Something is hinky for sure. That or Scotty from TOS’s propensity for over exaggeration is genetic. 

Just when we had a great system going. Sigh. 

With it being so mild I’ve been hanging in the garage this week to give Himself some peace in the house. He’s going to make the crossing tomorrow (sad face).

Oh well. Sealing and painting the trellis for my raised beds now means I will get caught up on the projects I’d hoped to get done this year. And having the house to myself again means housework tomorrow (sad face). 

Speaking of a house to oneself….


The hedgehog feeding station/hidey hutt has been finished. I’m not worried about aesthetics until I know this is what my wee critter will like. The roof need a latch but a big pot of crocus will do for now! All scraps and very few bits of wood cut. 

Y’know. So it will look rustic.