The chai tea sugar scrub I made the other day with just out-of-date tea and lost in the back of the cupboard quite out of date brown sugar (and oil I needed to get for another recipe anyway) looks and smells good enough to eat.


I am not going to recommend that.


I can’t give you the ‘recipe’ as I winged it after having a quick internet search for such things. I put about eighty percent of the bag of sugar and all of the emptied out chai tea bags (perhaps a half cup all told) in a bowl, then chucked in some of the rapeseed oil (quarter cup to start). I mixed it really well to the consistency I wanted, then put in the rest of the sugar and a bit more oil.

There’s few things more useful craft wise than an


emptied and well cleaned out Yankee Candle jar. I’m happy to report that they have a few tailored-for-my-current-country shops where I can go: it is wonderful to be abel to get these big heavy puppies here! We get tea lights when we travel to the Homeland but don’t even have to do that! The batch of sugar scrub I made filled it perfectly.

Perfect for this time of year when central heating helps turn one’s skin into a snake-like consistency. I can’t see making a lot of bath products, but with me on a ‘how did this house get so full of STUUUUUUFFFF’ kick there are other un-donateable food products that need using and that might be their fate.

Work continues on the enormous project for Rosslyn Chapel. I’m trying to get in a couple hours every day so the sections on which you will kneel get done ASAP and I can get on with the more decorative top sections.


I know it looks a little bare in this corner of the craft room but I’m already thinking of what I’ll do to rearrange the space once the prie dieu pair is complete so there’s no sense in putting anything on the walls here. So much of 2015 was spent getting rid of no longer needed or wanted supplies I’m surprised it doesn’t look better in here than it did twelve months ago.

Oh well. No deadlines around here…as I constantly remind myself.