My favorite iPad stand tutorial comes from Down Under (coincidentally one of my favourite places on this earth, especially Margaret River, Hunter Valley and Barossa). I’ve been fussing with it to make it a little more what I need it to be.


A bed should be used for only one of two things, but sometimes a special dispensation is offered for the fact that the earth is round and we can’t watch live what we want to watch live at a reasonable hour.

I’m looking at you, NFL Playoffs.

I used a lovely scrap of velvet (12 inches by 18 1/2) to make my test model. I thought the pile of the velvet might add a little grip. The filling was a little tricky though, as I wanted this to squish appropriately to the angle at which it might be needed when used in a bed. In the end I went for bean baggy beads for the triangle shape and regular ol’ Polyfilla for the rectangle shape rest at the front.


The version as designed has a cute wee fabric flower to cover the point at the back. I’m planning on making a few of these for gifts and will add that option as appropriate (yes for Auntie B. and Mom, probably no for my brother) but since this was meant to be held on a lap or rested up against knees it wasn’t needed. For what I want it for, the bead filling was too much, but instead of taking some out I decided to try this:




If you need it to squish to a different shape, the filler now has a little extra space to move into,


but can easily change back to a firmer table top version.


The tutorial I used was so good (video version in denim available) I didn’t look for any others so I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge there might be something on the interweb just like this already. Them’s the breaks of blogging.

On to Beta testing. This has the look of a charity project so I must write the designer to make sure it’s okay to make a few dozen for my cause this year (I pick a new one each year). It would be more charity for ME given the pile of upholstery fabric scraps and huge bag each of filler and bean bag beads I could be rid of….