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In order to get the highest numbers possible for this weekend’s bird watch — which I had to do on Sunday as the weather was wretched and there were so few takers on Saturday — I made a ground feeder and a small hanging fat ball feeder with odds and ends found in the garage.


Most of my feeders have large bird protection in the form of hanging baskets wired together to form a protective globe.


I included some holes for drainage.


Plan A was to take a few pictures this morning of my cheapie feeders in situ but no chance of that whilst Storm Henry is blowing through!

These add lovely bright spots of color in an otherwise drab February garden.

February. How did that happen…?

I’ve made several of each for fellow gardening friends. Since I’m not getting out to my garden today it seems like a good one for setting out the planting plan. Or hiding back under the covers. I’m a bit torn.