Not so good.

I’ve changed my mind completely on the method of improving six rather boring multi aperture frames for the office.


Yep. Simple covering with fabric. Google until you find a method you like. I used several for inspiration — none in particular hence no specific links for you.

My one tip would be to glue the inner edges, let those dry then glue the outer edges so that you can more easily pull the fabric for a snug, smooth fit.


I have an awful lot of black and white print fabrics, some of which have been around for a good long while. I think this one was from a shop on the Cape where I did a book signing and talk.

In November 2006.


I used the ‘L’ method when the pieces of fabric were not large enough, then switched to that method for the rest when the fabric wastage turned out to be less than doing it this way:


‘Course I think that L shaped cut of fabric only works when the pattern doesn’t need to match EXACTLY.


These six (or more — given I’ve set aside a few smaller single picture wood frames to get this treatment once we’re back from a weekend getaway in Madrid — or fewer) are destined for the very large empty wall over the desk:


Of course, we need to decide what to put in them, if they should be black and white, which  way to hang the rectangle frames…


and that’s why the sit here on the guest room bed. I may mix in a few ledge shelves or any number or travel finds that have yet to find a home in our home.


Stay tuned.