For the past few weeks I’ve been investigating the capsule wardrobe life. I’m thinking of giving it a try for my whole life, not just my travel life. The IWOM is an expert packer for all countries, climates and lengths of time. Himself and I can travel to Madrid for a long weekend in nowt but a large rucksack and a Kate Spade tote. That also included work clothes for him since he stayed on several days at the office there.

I’m keen on the Project 333 method of dealing with your clothes. We don’t have easy seasons here where our hats are currently hung so some thought needs to be put into how I can go about it. I made a start by filling out a cool capsule plan worksheet while having breakfast in a cafe off Calle de Serrano to help me along.

I was the only person working with a pen.

While sitting in both the Iberian and British Airways business class lounges during delays and re-arranged flights (the perils of an IWOM), I thought about how I could take the Project 333 approach with my craft supplies.


It has been quite some time since I’ve sat and made jewellery for myself. Well, I’ve reknotted some of my pearls and had a few re-knots for pay (I’ve given up the bartering thing. Folk here just don’t get it). I think packing it up for a while seems like a plan.

I’ve kept out a ‘kit’ of everything needed for reknotting pearls and semi-precious stone necklaces as well as all my remaining pearls and semiprecious stones, several ‘nearly there’ projects that I might as well polish off and an assortment of fibre art jewellery materials already matched up with assorted findings — and those have a note with the directive to put away if I haven’t touched them by March 1.

I’ve a packet of cord, knotting thread, findings and tools appropriate for these projects. I’d estimate 85% of my stash sits in a couple big under bed storage tubs destined for the loft.

I never pretended to be a great maker of jewellery, though I enjoyed teaching a smattering of techniques over the years. I rather like things like French beaded flowers over bead weaving bracelets or the like. The pearls of course are a legacy of our two years in Hong Kong and I reknot my own strands the moment a little pull appears so as to keep my hand in. Those stay!

Out of sight — but not out of mind. I took pictures of everything packed away for reference. Once more bulk crafting gets squared away I’ll have room on the shelves to bring it back.

Or maybe give lots of it away!