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than seeing a last row of a lot of boring background!


Scratch that. Snipping the canvas from your slate frame is a little bit better!


Just need one more like this — and the two top bits (I’m sure there is a technical name).

At the moment I’ve got a less than professional set up going on for the Rosslyn Chapel project:


I’m looking into getting some trestles similar to the ones I used when studying at the Royal School of Needlework. They do have them in their online shop but they are terribly overpriced. Beautiful yes, but I don’t need to be spending well over a mortgage payment for something that really does not cost that much to build. I appreciate the workmanship of course, but I also know how much the RSN tacks onto the goods sold in their shop based on the very high costs if their materials while I was a student there. Luckily I still had my connections at Liberty and bought a lot of my supplies there instead.

For those of you who don’t know, I was on the shop floor of the needlecraft and haberdashery department for two years, took a year off to study at the RSN then returned to teach in Liberty’s Sewing School, which was very different than the school there now.

I can’t track down any proper needlework trestles in this country but I do have a woodworking mate who has a cellar full of lovely oak bits salvaged years ago from area ships so printed off a few pictures of what I need, worked out the exact dimensions (based on what I’m using now, i.e. the actual prie deus propped up with bits of wood) and left it with him. We’ve met up again since to hash out a few more details (and I baked him an apple pie for a ‘consulting fee’) so he is letting it percolate in his brain for a bit.

I’d say men will do anything for me in return for my baking, but that would be a bit presumptuous  of me. It’s probably true, but still.


I can plod onward with the current set up — and darn well better, given my July deadline — but am taking a break to sort out the wools and make up some samples for the top parts.


Scottish stitch is leading the options at the moment, but requires very precise placement of the tent stitches. Best way to tackle this combination stitch is to do a little bit of the grid, then fill it in — if I recall. Luckily it is a cold day, due to be a yucky weekend and the next slate frame is laced up ready to go.


I do break one rule. We were not even allowed to have a capped bottle of water in the room at the RSN lest something get spilled on your frame or work. I’m of the opinion that you only had to have that happen once and it would never happen again, but they had some odd notions there. You were actually graded on the piece on which you learned the technique! I never liked that so often worked samples at home.

My tea or water bottle sits on the window cill and I’ve yet to have a mishap. I tend to stand up to drink and stretch my legs. I’m not as young as I was when I spent a year there…the joints stiffen up a bit more easily!

Why does this project go here? Well, the wool and canvas are leftovers from the mid 90s kneel project and the wood base units salvaged from a Catholic Church being turned into flats. I’m going to need to buy a piece of 10hpi canvas and get a plaque engraved with the date for the underside but other than that this project is just my time.