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The IWOM hasn’t had too many journeys yet this year — three weekend getaways in fact. None required significant hand luggage so it wasn’t until yesterday when I was packing for a wee solo trip I remembered that I’ve always wanted something to keep me better organised in the smaller of my two large Kate Spades.


Credit where credit is due — see above! There are dozens of free patterns on t’internet I’m sure but this is the link I’ve always had to hand. There are far more Fancy Dan versions with zippered bits and solid bases but this is all I needed just now.


Yikes. Not the best picture but it was thankfully sunny this afternoon so I’m not too upset. Natural Vitamin D is a little thin this time of year where I am. The purse organiser pattern at the site above called for two fabrics and two interfacings but I only used one on the check cotton as the other fabric was heavy black linen. I also added two inches to the height and four to the side (total) when I cut my fabrics.


Before sewing up the pocket pouches I put two pockets on the outside of the organiser.


Mine has four folded sections and I added a snap/popper so that it wouldn’t all come to bits when I took it out.



I’m rather pleased with this very easy to make accessory. I can see making a smaller one for smaller pocketbooks in future. Nothing more annoying than digging around in the bottom of one’s bag for a key item.

Aaaand isn’t that just a great First World Problem with which to end the day?!?